A headache is a pain in the head due to a cause. Headaches may result from any number of factors, including tension, muscle contraction, vascular problems, withdrawal from certain medications, injury or a joint restriction.
Headaches fall into three main categories: tension-type, migraine and cervicogenic. Tension-type headaches are the most frequent. People who endure tension-type headaches usually feel mild to moderate pain on both sides of the head. The pain is usually described as tight, stiff or constricting, as if something is being wrapped around your head and squeezed tightly.
While migraines affect far fewer people and have a much shorter duration, however, their symptoms are much more severe. They typically affect women more frequently, with pain that usually occurs on one side of the head. Migraines can be so severe that they can cause loss of appetite, blurred vision, nausea and even vomiting.
Cervicogenic headaches are the most recently diagnosed type of headache and are caused by muscle or joint issues. They may be caused by pain in the neck or spine that is transferred to the head.
What can acupuncture do for headaches?
Acupuncture, as an effective treatment modality, has been very successful in treating the imbalance in the body that leads to these types of headaches. The placement of very fine thread like needles into specific areas throughout the body leads to a rebalancing that helps to rid the body of the pain.
Acupuncture is not only effective for migraine headaches, but also works very well with tension headaches, cluster headaches, post-traumatic headaches, and disease-related headaches that might be due to sinus problems, high blood pressure or sleeping disorders.
A great advantage of acupuncture is that it does virtually no harm. I have observed with patients that as few as four to five treatments rid the body of the pain from the headache and allow the patient to be headache free for months if not years. Occasionally there may be supportive treatments once or twice a year to resolve long standing issues or a flare up, those typically on take one or two treatments.
The results are simply amazing seeing a patient come in with a lot of pain and pressure then after treatment with a few acupuncture points they walk out feeling great with little to no pain left. If you suffer from headaches call and make an appointment, why suffer any longer.