Over the years, my patients and I have found that a few simple steps really make a huge difference in improving blood sugar control, overall health, and how you feel throughout the day. Here are three you can take now:

1) Eat a good breakfast.  The best breakfast choices are:  “dinner for breakfast” (have a serving of healthy meat), a high quality protein powder as part of a “power smoothie”, or an omelet.   Avoid these common breakfast pitfalls: bowl of cold cereal, bowl of oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, toast.  None of these options have enough protein for optimal blood sugar/insulin regulation, and they all contain or quickly convert to excessive sugar. I also recommend avoiding fruit completely at breakfast.

2) Optimize medication and supplements.  Make sure you are on the best possible medication/supplement regimen for your circumstances.  I work with people to optimize their medication (this often means decreasing or eliminating), while adding in safe, natural therapies to further improve management. Because of finances, rushed appointments, or other reasons, people are often taking medications and/or supplements that are of low quality or unhelpful, while missing out on some that may be of great benefit to them, such as chromium, vanadium, magnesium, berberine, and gymnema.

3) Get connected.  We are social beings, and we thrive on social networks — whether through friends, spouses, parents, children, online buddies, or all of the above.  Tune in daily to the voices of support and encouragement in your life.  This is probably the most important factor in achieving your health goals.

I love working with people who have Type 2 Diabetes because with teamwork, the causes can be reversed and the complications prevented.  Do not be discouraged if you feel you have hit a wall — there is always a way around it!  If you are interested in taking steps to better manage your Type 2 Diabetes, please call today to schedule an appointment.
Monica Eggelston, ARNP, FNP-C