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The Benefits of Staying Hydrated

In today’s hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget the simple yet important things that keep us healthy. One of those things is staying hydrated – drinking 8 glasses of water per day. From helping to boost your metabolism and keep cells functioning properly, to keeping your skin looking fabulous and helping you

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The Role of Estrogen in Maintaining a Healthy Vaginal Microbiome

The vaginal microbiome (VMB) is a complex bacterial ecosystem that plays an essential role in women’s health. Estrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance and diversity of VMB, which can have a major effect on vaginal health over time. In this blog post, I will explore the impact of estrogen levels throughout life

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Understanding Fats: Macros and Serving Sizes

Fats are misunderstood by most Americans and people typically fall in one of two categories as a result: either they are convinced that fat is the enemy and so they avoid it at all costs, or they pay little attention to how they eat and their diets are filled with bad fats and processed carbs.

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DISCOVERING THE REAL DEFINITION OF DETOX “Detox” has become a buzzword with many different connotations in recent years, creating confusion and misdirection for people who are seeking to be healthy. We want to clarify what detoxification really entails, because when understood and practiced properly, it is essential on the path to restoring health. WHAT DETOX

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Understanding Proteins: Macros and Serving Sizes

As we shift the discussion to protein, its importance cannot be overstated. Most Americans are getting far too little protein and have been misinformed about the best sources for it. If you want to succeed in changing your body composition, lose unwanted fat, and tone up your muscles, you must eat enough protein. Protein provides

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Understanding Carbohydrates: Macro’s and Serving Sizes

There are three main macronutrients that compose the foods that we eat: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. While many people are familiar with these terms, the vast majority of Americans have a poor understanding of exactly what these macronutrients are and what their purpose is in our diet. This misunderstanding has only been amplified by fad

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How Probiotics Help Improve Your Immune System

By now, almost everyone has heard of probiotics, the active cultures in a range of dairy products such as yogurt, some cheeses and kefir, and in fermented foods such as miso, kimchi, and sauerkraut. Most of these are tasty additions to our diet that can also help improve our overall digestive health. But can they

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What Is SIBO?

If you are treating your leaky gut by following the 4 Rs and you’re not seeing much progress, it could be that you’re dealing with SIBO – small intestine bacterial overgrowth. SIBO (pronounced SEE-bo) is one of the causes of leaky gut, but the two vary a bit when it comes to treatment. The most

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How to Reset Your Thyroid to Burn Fat and Activate Your Metabolism

Erika Schwartz, MD, was consulted for a medical advice by an elderly man with serious health issues. Namely, she examined the medications and treatments he was subjected to, and decided to consult his cardiologist whether he would agree to completely change his therapy. Namely, the man suffered from excess weight, low testosterone and thyroid levels,

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