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About Dr. Pam

I truly believe FOOD is the foundation to optimal health.  Why?  Because I have experienced this for myself!  Also, after years of clinical practice, I have seen people frustrated with less than optimal results.  What I  came to realize is that what you fuel your body with needed to be addressed first.  You cannot out supplement or out medicate a poor diet!

Often times when people change their nutrition 50% of their symptoms will improve.  Everything I do starts with building a strong foundation and this begins with addressing the food you nourish your body with first!

I know FOOD IS YOUR FOUNDATION to better health because I have lived it!

I grew up on a farm in rural Michigan. My family used conventional farming methods to raise wheat, corn, soybeans, and  pigs. I was active in 4-H and was an avid athlete.

You would think growing up on a farm and playing sports that I would have been really healthy but I was not! I had chronic ear infections as a child which resulted in many rounds of antibiotics. I had severe eczema and asthma which resulted in chronic steroid use. This ultimately wreaked havoc on my gut and hormones.

I was also very disconnected from my food. Every time I ate I felt bloated,  puffy and fat. This began a very unhealthy relationship with food which left me feeling depressed and exhausted most of the time.

Blood sugar imbalances…

I would often have sudden hypoglycemic episodes such as feeling anxious, shaky, and very irritable.  My family and friends would often refer to this as ” the hulk” (as in the incredible hulk) coming out.  These episodes would leave me with such intense  cravings that I would consume large amounts of carbohydrates at a time which would send me on a quick high.  This was followed by a quick low which usually left me feeling more exhausted.  Little did I know  I was on a constant blood sugar roller coaster which was causing major hormonal issues.  Needless to say I did not feel well!

One fateful day I found Naturopathic Medicine…

In 1992, searching for a way to feel better, I began studying health fitness and nutrition in college. However, nothing that I was learning seemed to help improve how I felt. By the time I was 21 all of my symptoms intensified and I also began experiencing severe hormonal issues. I knew that I could not continue down this path and that there had to be a better way.

In the summer of 1995, I began researching other health fields that could give me answers. That is when I first discovered Naturopathic medicine. The philosophy is what sold me and I knew immediately that it was exactly what I was meant to do!

Nutrition is the cornerstone to health…

Both Naturopathic medicine, Functional medicine and Chinese medicine recognize nutrition as the cornerstone to health.  I learned that food was not something to just make you feel bad or fat or thin, food was there to nourish the body and create long term optimal health.  I learned how eating what I thought was a healthy food was actually the root cause for so many of my symptoms.  I also learned it was possible to eat and feel good at the same time.

Food is the foundation for flourishing hormonal health!  I want everyone to learn how to use the power of diet and lifestyle to nourish their body, soul, and mind.

Dr. Pam moved to Coeur d Alene, Idaho in 2002 and co-owns Lakeside Holistic Health, PLLC Health, PLLC with her husband Dr. Jerry Bailey.  Lakeside Holistic Health, PLLC Health, PLLC has two locations serving the Inland Northwest:  Coeur d Alene, Idaho and Liberty Lake, Washington.


  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, National University of Natural Medicine (formerly National College of Naturopathic Medicine).
  • Master of Science Oriental Medicine, National University of Natural Medicine (formerly National College of Naturopathic Medicine).
  • Bachelor of Science, Central Michigan University.
  • Fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM).
  • Fellow of American Board of Naturopathic Endocrinology (FABNE).
  • Certified Apeiron Epigenetic Coach.
  • IFMCP (Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner)  candidate pending 2022.
  • Certified in IV therapy & Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy.
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