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  • Stubborn Weight Gain, Especially Belly Fat
  • Overwhelming Fatigue and Brain Fog
  • Bloating and Poor Digestion
  • Low Mood, Fatigue and Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Hot flashes
  • Hair loss  
  • And more
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Empower your healing journey with our e-book crafted to initiate positive transformations. Prioritizing nutrition in addressing health issues is paramount. We firmly believe that those who diligently adhere to these guidelines are heading in the right direction. Yet, there are instances when individuals require more personalized support beyond the scope of a book.

If you're committed to uncovering the underlying causes of your health challenges once and for all, we extend an invitation for you to download our FREE Ebook.

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What Is Nutrient-Based Eating for Hormone Weight Loss?

Nutrient-based eating for hormone weight loss focuses on clinically researched nutrients and the top whole food sources of these nutrients which promote weight loss and hormone balance. Clients will learn how to use specific nutrients found in whole foods which follow the 4-focus system of:

Focus 1

Appetite Hormone Control

Focus 2

Fat Storage Hormones

Focus 3

Fat Detoxification Hormones

Focus 4

Fat Burning Hormones

What’s Included in The Hormone Weight Loss Nutrition Plan eBook


4 Weeks of Meal Plans & Grocery Lists


Delicious 30 Minutes or less Recipes


Food Swap & Food List Guides


Serving Size Portion Tips


Whole Food Nutrient Lists


Step-by-Step Eating System

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Traditional medical approaches often fall short in unraveling the underlying reasons behind weight gain, persistent belly fat, chronic inflammation, and various health concerns.

Frequently, patients are met with responses like:

"It's a natural aspect of aging—accept it!"

"Here, try this medication; although it may have side effects, I have another pill to address those."

"Just consume fewer calories and exercise more, and you'll shed those pounds."

"Your lab results indicate normalcy, even though you're carrying excess weight and not feeling well. Move on!"

It's time to seek a more comprehensive understanding of your health.

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About the Authors

Discover the creative masterminds responsible for crafting this incredible life changing free ebook

Dr. Pamela Langenderfer & Dr. Jerry Bailey

Dr. Pam and Dr. Bailey are seasoned experts in the realm of holistic health and functional medicine, specializing in areas such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal dysfunction, and digestive problems. As part of the Lakeside Holistic Health, PLLC team, their approach is rooted in empathy and professionalism, offering practical advice and highlighting the benefits of personalized healing plans, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, environmental factors, and mindset in achieving optimal health while helping patients identify the root causes of their health issues. Their expertise in acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, and epigenetic coaching allows them to provide unparalleled comprehensive care to their patients. Passionate about empowering individuals to lead their healthiest lives and proponents of advanced lab testing and up-to-date nutritional science, they are dedicated to helping patients understand how genes affect their hormones, metabolism, and overall health bringing balance back into their patients' lives, naturally.


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