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Methylene Blue IV Therapy

What is Methylene Blue IV Therapy?

Methylene Blue is an incredible bioactive antioxidant that can regenerate and restore mitochondrial breathing function. Its potent abilities to cross the Blood Brain Barrier have made it a great tool for delaying cellular aging in addition to being used therapeutically! While traditionally found in hospitals treating methemoglobinemia, more recently doctors are using this nutraceutical both orally and intravenously for conditions such as Lyme Disease, long-haul COVID symptoms, memory issues and even athletic performance enhancement. Proving its worth beyond traditional medicine circles too; research has demonstrated that Methylene blue may be effective against parasites while simultaneously helping mitochondria – what a powerhouse compound!


Our brains rely on the power of mitochondria to keep us functioning our best. But when mitochondrial health begins to falter, not only can it impact other parts of your body, but also your brain – which is critical for memory and cognition. Enter Methylene Blue; this anti-aging compound helps improve oxygen utilization in cells as well as increase ATP production (energy), so that neurons have more oomph producing better overall mental performance including improved moods and memories! Crosses easily into the bloodstream then straight up into the brain where it supports strong neuron activity by acting like an antioxidant giving them longer life spans…so you get greater recall capabilities too!


Think of Methylene Blue as putting another log on the fire, stoking our cells and boosting ATP production. Improved ATP fuels us with energy for physical activities and cognitive tasks, helping both healthy individuals to excel in their endeavors or protect themselves against age-related decline. Not only that – it also helps produce NAD+, which is a critical molecule needed by all living organisms!

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